When entrapreneur Susan Welck had a new idea for a new skin care and sun lotions product line, she was excited at the prospect of bringing the fun of all these products to market, but apprehensive as to what it would take to do so. She had successfully created one business, Susans Maui Massage® – a convenient and practical massage business that is known island wide as on of the best, but through that experience learned that it takes quite a bit of energy and resources to make the jump from one idea to including tangible products.

Susan shares tips on how she has navigated the often unclear road of services and her new product line, ShakaMaui™ along with moving through the road obstructions of 7 years on massage therapy.

“Once I started advertising in the papers and on my vehicle I found everywhere I went strangers would come up to me and compliment me and want a small sample of my work.” Susan said “It was such an emotional boost in a particularly trying circumstance! Just as I had brightened up my spirits with this service, I was affirmed that I could do the same for so many more who us who use oils and creams.”

“I felt compelled to see if this idea was truly possible and if there would be potential profit in pursuing it” Susan stated. “At the time I had recently met someone who was heavily into a homeapthy company. “I decided to find out more about what her company offered.” I wanted a product that I could carry with me and offer to my customers and perform actual demonstrations at the same time.” The idea worked so well that Susan decided to start the website.

From there, Susan decided to move forward with the website and start choosing the products that are listed on the website. All of the products have been tested by Susan and here clients.Working in tandem, with other companies there was help with legal advice, and advertising advise.  Susan still decided to get additional legal support for creating the actual business that would be behind the product. This included setting up a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)and applying for copyrights and trademarks.

“There have been some challenges with the endeavor, there usually are with any new venture, but we worked through them and have a stronger product and company because of it.” Susan commented. “One of the hardest things is keeping a positive attitude, it is easy to get discouraged but it is important to have a network of colleagues and friends to help you keep looking forward.” Susan mentioned  “you meet people who have been where you are, and who have insights that they are happy to share with you. You meet people you need to know, it is a great resource.”

Susan’s final advice is to trust your instincts. It is important to learn as much as you can about the industry you are in and the many aspects of running a business. She said that she is constantly immersed in various resources, and she reads as much as she can picking and gleaning what she feels is the most valuable; “What one source tells you is the most important, will most likely be contradicted by another source, ultimately I go by my instinct – what feels honest, what feels like the best answer to my question.” “You must keep your direction fluid, something will come up that will require you to alter your path and you must adapt, you can’t be so married to your ideas that you won’t adjust.”

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